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Music: Junior Jukebox
Mini Notebook Essentials 2009
UPC: 671196028583
My Family

Packaging: CD in jewel case

17 family-friendly tunes!

Help your child understand the importance of family!

If your kids aren't quite old enough to spell "fun" correctly, then they might as well spell it f-a-m-i-l-y! These great family tunes are perfect for them to learn how to have as much fun with their family as possible.

Songs for Active Times:
1. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
2. The Family in the Dell
3. Baby Bumble Bee
4. All Around the Room We March
5. Miss Mary Mack
6. Shortnin' Bread
7. Over in the Meadow
8. Dance to Your Daddy
9. Share A Hug

Songs for Quiet Times
10. So Many People Love You
11. Danny Boy (Instrumental)
12. I Love You
13. Little Sir Echo
14. Goodnight Family
15. Sleep, Baby, Sleep
16. Shenandoah
17. Greensleeves (Instrumental)

Running Time: 27 min.