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Music: Junior Jukebox
Mini Notebook Essentials 2009
UPC: 671196028590
Out & About

Packaging: CD in jewel case

15 songs about on-the-go!

Your child will sing their way throughout their day!

Now you can have fun out and about even when you're staying in! These 15 songs are just perfect for rides in the car and at home. Your kids will learn more about the outside world and have a great time singing along to these spectacular songs!

Songs for Active Times:
1. The Ants Go Marching
2. Here We Go to the Zoo
3. To the Beach
4. At the Supermarket
5. When We Camp
6. Going to Town
7. Would You Like to Go?

Songs for Quiet Times
8. We're Riding in the Car Today
9. To the Library
10. Scarborough Fair
11. Did You Ever Take a Walk?
12. Sur Le Pont D'Avignon (Instrumental)
13. Growing Every Day
14. It is Nightime
15. The Sandman Comes (Instrumental)

Running Time: 28 min.