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Music: Junior Jukebox
Mini Notebook Essentials 2009
UPC: 671196028637
The Zoo

Packaging: CD in jewel case

18 zany zoo tunes!

Now you and your child can pretend you're going to the zoo!

Not enough time lately to take the kids to the zoo? Now, your children can learn about every kind of animal they'd find there just by staying home. Finally, acting like monkeys is okay!

Songs for Active Times:
1. The Zoo Today
2. The Zoo
3. Through the Zoo
4. At the Zoo
5. Who is It?
6. The Animals in the Zoo
7. Hear the Animals
8. Oh, Have You Seen?
9. Alligator
10. The Feet of the Hippo
11. The Fuzzy Bear
12. Crazy Crocodile
13. Long-Necked Giraffe
14. How's That Baby?
15. Let's All Be Monkeys
16. Animal Antics
17. If I Were
18. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Running Time: 27 min.