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Music: Junior Jukebox
Mini Notebook Essentials 2009
UPC: 671196028644
Home Sweet Home

Packaging: CD in jewel case

17 catchy tunes!

You and your child will bring down the house with these tunes!

Every child becomes slightly bored of being at home all the time. Here are 17 lovely songs that are sure to do away with that problem once and for all. Your kids might not ever want to leave the house!

Songs for Active Times:
1. Farmer in the Dell
2. All Around the House
3. All Around the Yard
4. Splash and Kick
5. Family Love
6. Did You Ever See a Houseboat?
7. Ballad of the Bugs
8. I Love My Family
9. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Songs for Quiet Times
10. Take Me Out to the Backyard
11. Animal Homes
12. Mirror, Mirror
13. Please Come Over to Play With Me
14. I'm Looking for My Rubber Duck
15. Under the Garden
16. Oh Where, Oh Where Is My Kitty Cat?
17. Close Your Eyes

Running Time: 28 min.