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Music: Junior Jukebox
Mini Notebook Essentials 2009
UPC: 671196028705
The House

Packaging: CD in jewel case

18 fun songs!

Now your child can raise the roof singing about your house!

Since your children aren't anywhere close to being old enough to leave the house, they might as well become better acquainted with it. These delightful sing-along songs will help them to know and love their surroundings, the Junior Jukebox way!

Songs for Active Times:
1. A Home is Where People Live
2. A Kitchen is a Room Where People Cook
3. In the Kitchen
4. In the Bedroom
5. The Closet Song
6. Raise the Roof
7. Here is a Home
8. Different Homes
9. Homes
10. Building a House
11. Where, Oh Where
12. House Sounds
13. I Hear Noises
14. Housework Song
15. We Are Cleaning
16. The Safety Song
17. This is the Way We Help at Home (Activity)
18. Things We Use (Activity)

Running Time: 28 min.